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New Generation Bilberry Extract

Recently, clinical research has focused on anthocyanins, antioxidant flavonoids that are present in various berries and fruits. However, many berries lack sufficient amounts of anthocyanins to support health at reasonable doses. Further, anthocyanins are considered relatively instable in the gut, and subject to limited bioavailability compared to other classes of flavonoids.

Bilberry, the sister of the blueberry – but with higher anthocyanin content – is one of nature's richest sources of these potent antioxidant pigments. As a result, Omnica, the pioneer of bilberry anthocyanins in Japan, is proud to offer MyrtArgos, today's enhanced bilberry ingredient.

MyrtArgos is patent-protected bilberry extract standardized to 37%+ anthocyanins, and made through a unique, proprietary process. This process purifies and pH-stabilizes the natural bilberry anthocyanin spectrum, permitting a concentrated anthocyanin source with superior stability in the gut and enhanced bioavailability.

■ Creation of High Bioavailability

■ RTC Human Clinical Study Conducted

■ Human In vivo 200% Higher Bioavailability Shown