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Longevity Mountain Ginseng: The Original Panax Ginseng Preserved
Many medicinal plants cultivated on industrial farms today are bred for traits unrelated to bioactivity, and are often "phytochemically dilute" compared to their wild-grown ancestors. Likewise, today's Panax ginseng cultivated on large commercial industrial farms is much different from the legendary wild Korean Mountain Ginseng used as traditional medicine for thousands of years.
However, true Mountain Ginseng root today is so rare that it is virtually non-existent in commercial trade, with prices in the range of $1 million per kilogram.

Recently, scientists have discovered an environmentally-friendly process to produce Mountain Ginseng from authenticated century-old cutting in a highly controlled environment which preserves the superior genetics and phytochemistry, including saponins and ginsenosides, from the true original Korean ginseng.
This new, commercially available Mountain Ginseng is delicately processed from the original Korean Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer by Japanese standards into Longevity Mountain Ginseng. Free of impurities such as pesticides which may be used in modern agriculture, Longevity Mountain Ginseng replicates the pristine mountain-side ginseng of centuries past with the optimized, authentic ginsenoside fingerprint.

Omnica is the exclusive source of Longevity Mountain Ginseng.

■ Comparison, original and cultivated Mountain Ginseng with other ginseng

■ The augmenting effect on anti-oxidant enzymes

■ The effect of cultured mountain ginseng on patients with Erectile Dysfunction

Longevity Mountain Ginseng